These Three Things to Look For To Send Cargo Through The Air

Airfreight can certainly be done if the cargo you ship in accordance with the existing criteria. And if there is damage or something bad happens to the plane, then there is a rescue hoist system to fix and handle it well.

However, there are some things to be aware of when going to ship items via air delivery. Some of these things must be considered for the safety of the goods

1. Determine the weight of the cargo
The method for determining the weight of an air cargo shipment is based on two methods of calculation, based on the volume of goods and the original weight of the goods.

2. Airwaybill filling
Airwaybill must be signed by shipper and courier who will provide an attachment as proof of delivery.

3. Packaging
Packing in air cargo loads is known as the unit load device which has a design is not pantry because it is precision with the air cargo space to facilitate the officer in calculating the weight and balance of the aircraft.

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