Notice the following two things when using the air conditioner

Using air conditioner will certainly make your electricity consumption increase and you will be faced with the damage that could happen. Now, there is air conditioning service that can help you in dealing with damage to your air conditioner. For the use of electricity, there are some things you should consider when using the air conditioner so as not to have much effect on your electricity consumption.

– Ensure the air conditioner is always in the service in 3 months, components such as filters, evaporators, and air conditioner fans should always be in a clean condition without any dust or dirt that accumulate. In the dirty conditions, the speed of the air conditioner will decrease so that the machine will make a maximum effort to reach the cold point and the electricity will become wasteful.

– Do not open the door so often that the room using the air conditioner, when the engine air conditioner work then you must ensure that the room is closed because the compressor will continue to work to lower the temperature to the same temperature you have settings on the remote.

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