Installing an air conditioner in your home properly

Tips to install home air conditioner properly first the indoor unit position must be at least 15 cm from this roof because of the air circulation becomes better because the air blown by indoor unit sucked from the top and front of the indoor unit so if the top will be closed will greatly reduce the quality of cooling. So to note from the installation of the indoor unit is the goods located underneath, do not enter the indoor unit under it, electronic devices, computers, and tools that cannot be exposed to air are done to know the AC in the room dirty and the air will drip from the unit indoor. Then, as much as possible to avoid direct air flow to the body this can cause the skin becomes dry and less good for respiration. Meanwhile, perhaps you need to visit to hire the trusted AC repair experts.

Outdoor Space Position

Tips on installing air conditioning properly with outdoor AC. This greatly determines the durability of your air conditioner because most of the AC machines are on the outdoor unit, therefore the installation of the outdoor unit must be at least 30 cm between the nepel (pipe connection) indoors and outdoors this is meant to keep the machine going back outside the unit because the compressor oil will come in circulation with refrigrant, if outdoors is higher then the compressor oil within 1-2 years will move to the indoor unit and can not return to the outer unit, which is in the room unit will be subjected to sucking heat when it entered compressor oil shortage and over time will give birth to damaged compressor.

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