How the locals of the Amazonian tribe consume Ayahuasca

Although most people think that Ayahuasca is a single plant, in fact, it is a combination of two plants, namely leaves of Psychotria viridis and Banisteriopsis caapi vines. Meanwhile, you may visit to know an excellent ayahuasca retreat center in South America.

The most common treatment of Ayahuasca by local tribes in the region of Amazon is by boiling the leaves and stems. After that, the water is taken for drinking.

If consumed excessively, the effect is like a hangover and can make hallucination for the wearer.

Therefore sometimes drinks that are believed to be obese are referred to as “Spirit Medicine”. Even if excessive consumption can also cause vomiting.

Today the drug is becoming increasingly popular around the world, with previous research showing that this drug will be able to treat depression and anxiety. However, it’s advised not to be consumed recklessly, especially without the supervision of the experts for the sake of the one who consumes it.

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