Here’s What You Should Attention From Your Car Rental Business

As someone who has a car rental business or car rental service, there are various things you should look at. You can see how sewa mobil palembang manage their business so that their customers can feel comfortable. Unfortunately, there are still some people who do not pay attention to the business and end up failing.


What is not usually noticed is that if the customer makes a mistake, rarely will the customer accept his mistake. Defects from this collision will certainly not be seen and only a scratch only. Usually, the customer will not report this and pretend not to know the consequences of the small collision event. To overcome this, you can join the insurance company.

The insurance company will cover any repairs from your car if the car crashes or gets hit. In addition to the insurance subscription, it would be nice if you can inform and make arrangements with customers. By binding the customer, you can hold accountable when something happens with your car. Not only that, customers will feel more responsible and careful in using the car.

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