Fashion Error In Men

Most men do seem more indifferent than women, especially in regard to appearance or use t shirt pas cher. Men sometimes do not pay attention to the details of fashion that is often used, sometimes it greatly affects his appearance. One of them is clothes that are too many motifs and colors.

Men who wear clothes that are too many colors will look tacky and excited. That’s what you should avoid, clothes with too many motives or colors, both casual and formal. For one set of clothes, a maximum of three colors just for you to use for your appearance more okay.

Also, avoid wearing a shirted shirt, even if you’re in a hurry. A tangled shirt will make you look messy and seem not to care. In addition, although fairly trivial, socks are one part that can support your appearance. Choose socks that match the color of your pants, not with shoes. This will make your appearance look more harmonious and for formal or semi-formal shoes do not use white shoes yes, choose a dark blue or black.

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