Comparing Japanese cars with the European cars

Once you know the advantages and disadvantages of both cars, to the conclusion we make a simple with the parable. Comparing the two cars we analogy such as choosing a woman to be a girlfriend or wife hehe. The Japanese car or even the Import used cars from Japan is like a woman whose face is ok. If it gets some modifications, it’s still can turn out to be nice. Reliable. Not fussy and not demanding much of it-it’s costly. Usually this relationship with the woman walks long because the heart is cool and the wallet is not tight.

Well, the European car is like a beautiful woman like a model and also good in bed. But yes it’s pretty fussy, a little bit demanding it-it’s costly. Usually, this relationship with women runs not too long because the heart is restless and the wallet was crying. Unless we are able to finance it, maybe lasting for quite a long time.

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