7 Tips to keep yourself from getting lost during Hajj

1. Do not travel alone and do not forget to wear the characteristic or uniform of Hajj of our country if we get lost easily found; Meanwhile, you may visit to find the satisfying deals for Hajj pilgrimage.

2. Do not forget to bring a map or number maktab, so if we get lost easy to ask the officer; Memorize location and maktab / hotel before exiting from maktab. Remember the features and signs that are easy to remember. Like a store brand, a position maktab, and so forth. Nothing wrong before walking out you stand for a moment in front of your hotel/residence to pay attention to really where you live. Memorize/record your phone number and address of the lodge. In addition, no hp group leader or pilgrim/umrah guide you must have.

3. Have arrived at the mosque at least half an hour before the time of prayer;

4. Given the number or name of the entrance;

5. Bring a pouch to store footwear or umbrella. The bag you carry during prayer;

6. Before entering the mosque, make an appointment first with your friend where will meet if you want to go home together;

7. Do not forget to make an appointment at the time you meet the friend;

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