3 Tips for dealing with the harsh environment of the solo rank

Although he called not playing, his name is a multiplayer online game, many unexpected things often happen especially when solo ranked. But do not ever admit true gamers, if you do not dare to solo ranked to climb the highest peak. It is because it could be, it is one of the biggest challenges in playing MOBA games. Meanwhile, if you find it hard to find an opponent in LOL, just buy the lol smurfs account.

Well, what are the things we can do to survive the ‘hard’ play ranked own match in MOBA games?

1. Positive Mental Attitude (PMA)

We will never know what kind of teammates we will get. However, come on little adult and reduce your ego to create a conducive atmosphere, so we can work together well and enjoy the game.

Playing with four unknown people is already difficult, so do not be complicated anymore. Try to reduce the trash talk that can cause harm to yourself and others. Instead, it’s better to focus on improving the quality of your game so as not to overload your teammates.

2. Recognizing More Hero Roles

All MOBA games have a lot of heroes, usually, they are divided into six types of tanks, mage, assassin, warrior/fighter, archer/marksman, and support. Each type of hero also has different roles or roles. For example as an initiator, carry, crowd control, and jungle.

In addition to the type and role, there is one more grouping that we need to know is the specialty. For example, burst damage, charge, poke, reap, recover, regen, push, and others. Try to explore the type, role, and specialty of the hero you are playing.

3. Mastering Some Different Hero Types

Solo ranked is hard, so we must use the hero that really mastered, it will also increase the confidence. In this case, we can start with a master-in one hero first while slowly recognizing various other heroes with different types.

Yes, we must learn and master at least two or three other types of heroes. To anticipate the heroes you mastered in the pick-up or banned of the opposing team and also to get the ideal team composition, see what your team needs.

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