3 SMEs market opportunities in Indonesia

Indonesia is famous for its rich natural wealth and cultural diversity, many store value and potentially profitable business. In addition to the growing number of Small and Medium Enterprises or SMEs, business opportunities with potential value will soon be realized. In the meantime, you may need to check out the Indonesia Market research as well.

Interestingly, the Indonesian market is now one of the potential markets, especially in Southeast Asia and the world at large. For that, it needs more care and attention from the SMEs in order to be able to take business opportunities that exist

To that end, knowing the market potential and the development of the latest business trends is absolutely necessary for SMEs businesses to make no mistake in determining the direction and field of business to be occupied.

Like the following 3 businesses that can be a reference for SME businesses who want to be confused determine the type of business that sign occupied in accordance with the current trends and Indonesian market.

1. Creative Business

In the days of advanced information technology advances like today, the creative industry is getting more portions to become an industry with potential business value. Handicraft industries such as wooden furniture, waste material recycling, photography, graphic design services to digital industries such as software providers, business programs, store software and restaurant programs. If you decide to pursue the field of creative industry, it’s good to see the potential that is around in advance, existing resources and potential.

2. Culinary Business

Businesses that are relatively immune to various economic conditions are still a favorite business run by many SMEs. The existence of ease in business systems, such as business franchise for example, increasingly makes the culinary business increasingly mushrooming everywhere. There are some who run a business with partnership patterns, purchasing brand licenses to self-employed businesses.

3. Agribusiness and Business of Agricultural Products

Suburnya nature in Indonesia to be a value that is very potential in producing various types of crops in the agricultural business. The availability of sufficient land and the ease to obtain various types of seeds as initial capital in building this agriculture-based business is a major factor to achieve success. Can also provide organic agricultural products that can be added value for the business.

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